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What To Expect When Floating Things You Need to Know


For Your Float


Avoid Shaving (or waxing)
your body 12 hours before
a float.

Men who regularly shave their beards can shave 6 hours beforehand.

Epsom Salt Stings!!!


Before you shower and before
you float, make sure to use
the bathroom one last time!

Can you imagine if you needed 
to go during your float?

A R5k fine can easily be avoided!


Avoid having coffee or any drinks
with caffeine an hour before your float.

Stimulants and floating just don’t mix!

You need to be able to relax.


Getting active before your float
is a great idea!

Exercising to use up energy is a 
great way to ensure that your
body is ready to relax when
it is time for your float!

Make Sure You Have Your Swim-Suit

The Process What You Will Do On The Day


Important Things

Floating Rules and Regulations

Make sure to familiarise yourself with our floating rules
and regulations. This way we can streamline your experience
on the day of your float and contribute towards your state
of relaxation. 

Refunds & Cancellations

Please familiarise yourself with our refunds and cancellations
policy with regards to floating before you book. It is a very simple policy
and we are transparent with regards to it. Please email Cancellations Email should you wish to cancel your booking.