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Relax How Floating Helps You Relax


Floatation Therapy is a relatively new form of Therapy! There has been quite a bit of research which has been done on Floating and the results have been out of this world!

A Little Bit About Floating and Relaxation…

When you float, you are completely cut-off from the outside world. You enter a space where your senses are completely deprived from stimulations, which results in you being able to relax!

Think about it, when was the last time you were able to just sit and relax? Your answer is probably something like, “I don’t even remember when last I was able to relax, besides vacation”.

You’re in a dark space, no sounds, no light, no people, no cellphone. You are floating effortlessly! It’s just you and your thoughts, nothing else! As time goes by, you can’t seem to tell when you end and the water begins.

Your breathing slows down, your blood pressure drops and your heart-rate decreases! Your body begins to go into a state of complete relaxation as Theta Brain-Waves are produced! For more information on the physical signs of relaxation produced from floating, click here

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